50 Shades for CAFT

July 18, 2012 8:32 am

50 Shades of Grey for CAFTTime Fairy, Natalie Bray, is raising money for CAFT with a fun filled evening based around the popular 50 shades of Grey books on the 27th September 2012.

It is not surprising that 50 shades of grey is the sentence on everyone lips, with the best selling book being cleared off the shelves in Waterstones and with this years summer displaying many shades of grey, but Natalie Bray is jumping on this trend to help Altrincham‘s well loved charity CAFT (The Childrens Adventure Farm Trust)

50 Shades of Bray

Talented entrepreneur, Natalie Bray has many sides to her; Business woman, Mother, Wife, friend, community member, philanthroper and some would say a little bit crazy! Yes, Crazy! As she is training to do the 3 Volcanoes challenge to raise money for CAFT! Natalie is dedicating a lot of time to helping CAFT and other than the mental 3 Volcano Challenge and her other fundraiser is a bit closer to home where Altrincham people and businesses can get involved in.

Natalie is holding her 50 shades of grey night, a fun way to raise money for her 3 Volcano challenge and raise awareness of the great work CAFT are doing.

As the title would infer the night is for over 18′s only and men are asked to wear a grey tie to the dress up event on the 27th September. Women will of course be dressed in their sexiest outfit and there will be fun stalls with Lingerie, Corsets, adult accessories and most women’s main vice – shoes! There will b a raffle and canapés and a show by Blush Dance.

If you want to go to the 50 shades event you can book through eventbrite here.

CAFT (Children’s Adventure Farm Trust)

If you live in Altrincham chances are you have heard of CAFT and no exactly what they stand for. The Chhildrens Adventure Farm Trust is a fantastic charity that helps children with severe learning and physical disabilities.

At CAFT they provide holidays and getaways at the farm for disadvantaged children, those suffering from physical and learning disabilities, and also terminally ill children. The volunteers and organisers at CAFT provide a sanctuary where children can be safe, uninhibited and also develop skills in their own time. The farm welcomes children from all over the North West including many who are recovering from bereavement or even abuse.

Sometimes the farm just acts as a break for many children who are acting as carers for other family members and without the good work that CAFT are doing would have no chance to let their hair down and be children.

We are big fans of the work CAFT are doing and hope that you will support Natalie as she raises money for this fantastic cause. To learn more about CAFT why not visit their website.

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