Advance Recruitment Give Blood

June 24, 2014 10:42 am

Advance Recruitment give blood

Manchester and Sale based Medical Sales Recruitment company, Advance Recruitment, show their commitment to the healthcare industry by giving blood yesterday.

As experts in the Healthcare industry Advance Recruitment know better than most how essential blood donations are to the NHS. Blood is not only used in emergency’s but also for life saving treatments. As well as the more commonly known blood transfusions, red cells, platelets and plasma are also invaluable in the treatment of anemia, cancers, leukemia and more commonly for cardiac surgeries and childbirth. Without generous blood donations many people would not survive illness and emergencies.

Red cells, platelets and plasma all have different shelf lives once donated so it is important that the NHS gets regular donations to help keep stocks at a level they are needed. Some blood types are very low in the National blood bank so they are calling for as many people to donate as possible.

Advance Recruitment

Advance Recruitment specialise in placing candidates in the Medical Sales industry, from Pharma and Medical device sales, to Veterinary sales. They also offer training to sales staff to help them understand changes in the NHS and private healthcare industry. Because Advance Recruitment understand healthcare they regularly contribute with charity events to raise money for research and try to do their bit where possible.

This week 3 members of the Advance Recruitment team are literally giving blood for the healthcare industry!

Dave, Sharon and Clare from the advance recruitment team gave blood yesterday, you can find out more here.

If you are interested in giving blood then go to the official website.


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