Altrincham Big Tidy Up date moved to 1st July

June 20, 2012 11:01 am

Big Tidy Up AltrinchamThe next Altrincham big tidy up has been moved from the 24th June to the 1st of July, and needs volunteers to get involved to help clean up the town.

Our Altrincham has had to move the date of the next big tidy up, this is now going to be on Sunday the 1st July and promises to be a fun way of meeting other members of the Altrincham community who want to make the area a nicer place.

It is really important that these Big Tidy ups around Altrincham get volunteers, the scheme is run on a purely volunteer basis and is a great example of how wonderful the Altrincham community really is.

The big tidy up in Altrincham is a fun event that helps people get to know other like minded people and also does something for the community. It is thanks to these volunteers that many of our streets look so good and they were also very reactive in getting the recent graffiti cleaned up quickly.

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