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June 21, 2012 1:49 pm

Altrincham BusinessAltrincham has a lot of different businesses offering great services, so there is little need for anyone in the area to look far when searching for a service or retail provider.

We at Visit Altrincham want to showcase all that Altrincham has to offer, from your local green grocer, restaurants and bars to professional services such as solicitors and accountants. If you are a business in Altrincham and have something to offer then we want to help you.

Visit Altrincham is sponsored by Media Pro UK who work on all areas of online marketing from Web design and development to SEO and social media campaigns. With this expertise they decided that the best way they could help Altrincham was to create the Visit Altrincham website and market this effectively online using their in house skills.

The idea behind the website is to be a resource for people trying to find information in and around the area, this could be events, news and business suppliers. The website is a hub of communication for the community and visitors to use and as such is a resource that people will use time and again.

As of today, 21st June 2012, the site has been live 10 days and is already getting valuable search engine traffic as the online marketing campaigns start to take effect. These internet strategies are planned out for the next 12 months and we expect to see the site do very well in the search engines and get a lot of traffic for valuable keywords as well as through other marketing techniques.

So after 12 months of planning, designing, development and then re designing the site is now live and ready to use by Altrincham businesses, residents and visitors to the area.


Altrincham Business Directory

By investing in the Visit Altrincham website we can allow other people and businesses to benefit from our campaign without spending a penny on their own SEO or Social Media campaigns.

To get yourself in front of our website users you need to be in the Visit Altrincham directory, this is a free to use directory open to any business in Altrincham and the surrounding villages and towns.

It is really simple to add yourself to the business directory and if you want more exposure or a more prominent position then there are some very cheap options, you can find out more about why these are paid for here.

For added exposure you can write guest posts or be a featured business by offering advice and information in your industry to Altrincham residents and other businesses.

Once you are in the directory you can get your customers to add star reviews, however, any bad reviews we will have to publish but we will check email addresses for authenticity and act as a middle support in resolving issues. We want to promote the best businesses in Altrincham and help them grow through customer feedback but not be hindered by bad comments. If the bad review can be resolved we can remove this for your business leaving you with fantastic reviews but if we are led to believe any good reviews are false they will also be subjected to removal unless they can be proved otherwise.

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