Altrincham FC Beat Bradford

September 17, 2012 9:12 am

Altrincham FC

Saturday at Moss Lane saw Altrincham FC’s third win in a row after a great performance at home against Bradford Park Avenue. Altrincham took the game in a 3-1 victory.

Altrincham took the lead early on and Bradford never got full control of the ball, early on Nicky Clee passed a diagonal ball to winger Jake Moult and the team danced the ball around Bradford’s defence as instead of taking a clear shot Jake passed to Danian Reeves to score at close range, passing pas Tim Deasy.

This early advantage and choreography from the young Altrincham side left Bradford Park Avenue in a vulnerable position which Alty FC players took full advantage of. Within another 25 minutes the Altrincham side had doubled their lead after Bradford caused a penalty against James Riley. at the edge of the box. Nicky Clee took the penalty with his left foot scoring a fantastic goal in the top corner.

Bradford regained a point after a free kick was awarded and Richard Marshall took the shot scoring in the left corner, but this was not enough and Damian Reeves soon scored his second goal.


After the defeat to Altrincham, Bradford (Park Avenue) manager John Deacey spoke to the club’s official website. The Bradford Avenue manager was was pleased with the second half  however quite critical of the goals that were conceded;

‘We played reasonably well. In the first half, they had two break-aways and we didn’t work hard enough to get back. It was a great strike from the free kick, and then, we were chasing the game. The third goal was a non-event. But, the attitude in the second half was superb… I thought Jordan (Deacey) put me on the back foot in the first half with his yellow card. I didn’t want to substitute him as he was influential in the second half’…

‘I’m not disappointed, it’s a bit like last week, I’m just frustrated. It’s early days, but, we have people coming back into contention, and we will look stronger’…

Altrincham can understand the frustration Bradford are feeling after a slow start to the season, but with added confidence and skills the team are looking strong.

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