Altrincham Fire fighter a Hero

June 11, 2012 12:09 pm

gary lovatt firefighter

Altrincham Firefighter, Gary Lovatt, saved a life with his quick reactions to perform CPR while waiting for the emergency paramedics to arrive at the scene.

Fire fighters in the area are faced with life saving situations every day, but Gary Lovatt went beyond the call of duty as he was on his way back to Altrincham Fire Station, from a fire safety presentation at a children’s nursery, when he spotted a 70 year old man looked to be in trouble. The pensioner was slumped on a bench and looked to be in trouble, a few people were gathered round but Gary assessed the situation and performed emergency CPR after calling for back up from his team at the station.

Gary was quoted in the Manchester Evening News;

“It became apparent the man was in a bad state. He had no pulse, he wasn’t breathing and had a cut on his head.”

Two of Gary’s colleagues were soon at hand and the team used a defibrillator to get the man’s heart started again, after a while the ambulance arrived and the paremedics were able to take over, but without Gary’s quick actions the man could have been in a lot of trouble.

We are proud of the way Altrincham firefighter leapt into action to help a pensioner that gad suffered from a suspected heart attack but what is even more amazing is that Gary Lovatt, 39, had been heroic before and was part of the team that saved a family in a car accident from frowning as the car sank.

Gary, a Dad from Lymm, had saved the life of Patricia Seddon by performing CPR after the families BMW was hit and forced into Bridgewater Canal.

“Being able to respond like this takes hours and hours of training – but it’s worth it to save a life.” Altrincham Station Manager Kev Brogden added: “Green Watch acted quickly, did a fantastic job and we hope it means this man can go on to make a speedy recovery.”

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