Altrincham Foot Bridge Demolished

May 17, 2012 9:15 am

The foot bridge in Altrincham has now been demolished, this is the first phase of construction work that is scheduled for a £19 million renovation of Altrincham Interchange.

The foot bridge crossing passed over Stamford New Road, it was used to connect the transport hub to the Stamford quarter, however, the footbridge was rarely used and deemed inaccessible therefore more of a hazard than a convenience for many residence of altrincham.

The interchange is being redeveloped in the hopes of improving the area with a building that has better integration between services and improved facilities. The improvements will include cycling provisions and much better accessibility as well as ticket offices.

Trafford Council approved the developments in August 2011 and the planning commitee and constuction teams are expencing the development to be ready in 2014.

A tender is out from Transport for Greater Manchester for a contractor to carry out the vision and the selected company are to be equipped and experienced enough to deliver an “impressive new gateway for visitors arriving in Altrincham”.

The investment in the area comes as great news as Altrincham residents have been calling out for a ‘facelift’ of this type to encourage visitors and tourism to the area.

The foot bridge demolishon, that marks the first step in the redevelopment, was taken down by local demolishon experts M J Finnegan, who have more than 60 years of demolition experience.

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