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March 20, 2012 4:47 pm

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Alex from Altrincham HQ. We’re a social media training and management company with a very heavy focus on what happens locally here in Altrincham

We joined twitter in Sept 2009 and are known around here for being the first business in Altrincham to proactive promote and market Altrincham as a town on twitter

Prior to this we had an Altrincham Myspace for those retro Social Media folk

What we do in essence it help business find their right message and medium online and help them reduce their advertising spend. It’s a tough time for businesses and it gives us a massive buzz to watch local businesses grow before our eyes and see how the “word of mouth” online really helps them grow

Prior to setting up Altrincham HQ I was a journalist interviewing everybody from politicians to Jedward, Bill Wyman from The Stones to My Chemical Romance and Scissor Sisters. I’ve also put on a few events from 15,000 capacity Festivals in Manchester to sell out events locally in Altrincham and Sale

So essentially 13 years of Marketing experience

How long have you been living/working/trading in Altrincham?
I’m an Altrincham native so to speak – lived here all my life

At times it would have been beneficial for my career to be based in London, but there is something about Altrincham that holds me. The people, it’s quaintness outside the hussle and bustle of Manchester and really we have everything here I need

As Altrincham HQ we started official in November 2010 as offering Social Media Services, but Altrincham HQ goes back years in terms of a community channel to talk about the town

How do you contribute to the Altrincham community?
We talk up the town, build up business and spread the local news long before it reaches the traditional news channels

When we started nobody was talking about the town online in any great numbers, in 2012 we’re the central hub for all things Altrincham. One of our facebook fans said in the early days “I wouldn’t hear about 99% of things happening in Altrincham if it wasn’t for Altrincham HQ”

If that’s my legacy – im happy with that!!

What do you love about Altrincham?
People talk Altrincham down, but there’s a lot to love about this town.

We have a really healthy restaurant scene at the moment with lots of new openings. You can literally eat your way around the world and each of the restaurants have fab vegetarian options which is a must for me.

The pub scene offers everything from traditional pubs such as Old Market Tavern, Malt Shovels, The Roebuck and Tatton to bars like The Classroom, Bloom and costello’s

Culturally we’ve had bands from way back in the day like The Stone Roses and Doves through to more recent acts like The Mandigans and El Policia

Music, food and alcohol sounds pretty good to me

What would you like to see in Altrincham?
More shops would be lovely. If you look down George Street the Stamford Quarter end you can’t fault, but needs to be much less empty units at the other end

I’d love to see a record shop open again after HMV left – we used to have 4 record shops in this town

Also alternative hub like Afflecks in Manchester would be. The town needs something to keep the youth happy and shopping local and the choices we have are very “mainstream”

What improvements do you think Altrincham needs?
Honest truth – businesses need to market themselves both online and offline

I’ve worked for myself for 13 years and literally live or die by my marketing. If I don’t market with passion I simply don’t eat that month

The Portas situation was a classic faux pas – businesses sat around hoping that Portas would save them and for months just sat and waited in hope

The businesses that are thriving and having a good time in business are those that market themselves

In 2012 there is no escuse not to answer emails, have a website and twitter / facebook presence!!!

How do you think we can help Altrincham grow?
Keep talking the town up – rather than talking it down

Residents need to actively shop and support local independents – every £ spent at a local independent stays locally rather than being sucked out of our town

And when you support them – also tweet and update facebook about them – let your friends know of what Altrincham has to offer

We wrote this blog on 10 Ways Altrincham Residents can ethically spend post Portas – thats a better start than most


  1. Having met Alex just the once i left feeling somewhat different and re-invigorated about an area i have lived in for over 30 yrs, he’s positive, genuinely excited about local prospects, and seems to care about your business as much as his own.
    Thank you for your time Alex

  2. altrinchamhq
    Posted June 11, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks Ian – always love to hear comments like this

    I remember the Altrincham I had a kid and was great, but always like to look to the future and so much to be excited about

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