Altrincham Is Fit For A Future Queen

February 9, 2012 5:26 pm

Kate Middleton Look-a-like Stops Traffic In Stamford Quarter

Altrincham gave a Royal Welcome to the Duchess of Cambridge, or at least her lookalike, in a Jubilee themed event at the Stamford Quarter this weekend.

Shoppers had to look twice as Kate Middleton look-a-like, Heidi Agan, attended the launch of the Jubilee inspired ‘Everyones a Windsor’ at the weekend (Saturday 19th May). The event, Everyone’s a Windsor, is running at the shopping centre as a tribute to the Queens Diamond Jubilee until the 10th June.

The Duchess of Cambridge (or at least her look-a-like) was helping families find their way around the shopping centre with a fun Windsor family themed sticker trail. This task wasn’t left only to the future Queen of England but families also had help from a real life Beefeater and a stunning fairytale princess.

This is great fun if you have children and want them to get involved in the Queens Jubilee, as always Altrincham has plenty of events and activities for all the family.

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