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June 15, 2012 6:12 pm

altrincham martial arts club

I set up Altrincham Martial Arts club (AMAC) way back in 2008 because I love what I do and felt there was a fantastic opportunity to spread my love of it by bringing it to Altrincham. Having started small in the Town Hall on Market St. the club has gone from strength to strength. We now teach kids from as young 4 and have people taking their first class well into their 50s! Our numbers are growing week upon week but we always room for more!

So what do we do? AMAC specialises in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, if you’ve seen a Bruce Lee movie or the recent Ip Man series of films then you’ve seen our art through a Hollywood lens. Started by two women to overcome bigger stronger opponents in medieval China, the art has come a long way but it’s suitable for all. From the very beginning it was designed to defend your self as quickly and effectively as possible, so that’s what we do!

We don’t simply teach punches or kicks at AMAC, but concepts and ideas. The way you use them depends entirely on the situation and type of person you are! We have a saying which goes your Wing Tsun is an expression of your self there’s no large displays or routines at AMAC just simple effective martial arts.

Our unique brand of conditioning using your own bodyweight, cardiovascular exercise and pad-work build the real strength gains for all our students. In weeks you can lose weight, tone up and feel much happier from regular exercise with a point and focus. All that and you get better at self defence too!
We are most proud of our kids’ classes where we offer children a focus for their energy and enthusiasm. Through encouraging respect for us and themselves, we teach kids a range of martial arts in a safe environment. We show them how to harness their confidence gained from class and use our “beat the bully” exercises to promote self-esteem in everyone.

Having just qualified as a school teacher I bring my professional experience to AMAC, using techniques and ideas children already use on a daily basis in the classroom to succeed at home as well as at school. Our programs promote politeness, honesty and hard work, teaching children to apply them to everything they do at all times.

You’re more than welcome to come down and ask our parents who sit and watch the classes what they think! So far though improving strength, flexibility and fitness we’ve seen kids transformed through our training into happy, confident and secure kids with a new found love of martial arts.

We even take it out into the community. Only last week we delivered an afternoon of self defence to 40 young women at North Cestrian Grammar School to rave reviews. If your school or club could use some fitness or self defence training from us just let us know.

Our adults’ classes take a slightly tangent offering serious martial arts and self defence in an environment that’s as friendly and welcoming as possible. Through dedicated instruction and practice we offer our students the skills and tools needed to master more than just a style of kung fu. Our students get to progress physically, mentally and strategically in an art designed solely to be effective at defending yourself.

If you want to try a hobby that will improve your physical skills, get you in shape and offer strategies for countless scenarios in life then book yourself in for FREE session. We’re offering some great deals on websites and running classes throughout the summer holidays.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Matt Townsend (Head Instructor Altrincham Martial Arts Club)
P: 07853 530886

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