Altrincham People And Places

August 23, 2013 5:16 pm

Local artist Alan Hawkins – famous for his portrait of ‘Market Dave’ – is exhibiting ‘Altrincham People and Places’ in Altrincham Forward’s gallery space up until the 30 September.

During the exhibition, not only will Alan be showcasing his fantastic work, he will also be painting in the gallery each day, so visitors can watch the artist at work, and pick up a few hints and tips while admiring his other portraits.

Alan will have a number of Altrincham portraits on display, including: ‘Market Dave’, ‘Eric’ – also known as Eric the Viking, and other paintings, including ‘Lillies’ Denzel Gardens; the three Altrincham Clocks, and two paintings of other Altrincham’s landmarks for people to try and identify.

Alan, a painter since leaving Northwich College of Art in 1973, has strong connections to Altrincham. His father was born and educated in Altrincham, and his grandfather was a haulier, carrying fruit and vegetables to the market alongside Alan’s father and brothers. Alan’s cousin is a fourth generation coal merchant, the family serving Altrincham for over 100 years.

Speaking about the exhibition, Councillor Matthew Colledge, Chair of Altrincham Forward and Leader of Trafford Council, said: “We are delighted to welcome Alan back to our exhibition space.

“Alan first displayed work in our gallery as part of the very first exhibition by Local Creation. His portrait of ‘Market Dave’ attracted much attention and sparked conversation about Altrincham.”

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