Altrincham Residents Can Vote For Funding

June 12, 2012 1:15 pm

your vote counts

Great news for Altrincham residents who can now vote how they want funding to be allocated out in the community.

Trafford Council are obviously listening to the people of Altrincham and have decided to let residents vote for how funding should be allocated out, there are a lot of great organisations in the area, all of which are using volunteers to help Altrincham and Trafford grow, get cleaned up, support youths and business. All of which are doing this off their own backs, but now funding is available and Trafford Council have shortlisted a number of organisations who could benefit from a portion of the £50,000 pot.

The funding comes from the Neighbourhood Voluntary Sector Grants Scheme, and covers Trafford’s four neighbourhoods -North, South, Central and West.The money is to go towards local groups who are already doing their part to combat difficult issues in the area.

Each group will be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas and what they will use the money for, at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys on the 30th June. Residents will then get to vote for the group they feel deserves the funding the most.

This is a great time for Altrincham people to really get a say in the community and we would like to see as many people as possible get down to Altrincham Grammar School for Boys to vote on the 30th June between 10am – 1pm. The school is situated on Marlborough Road and will be open on the Saturday for this event.

3 other areas of Trafford are also holding public events, at the same time as the South Trafford, Altrincham, event you can also attend the Central event at Sale Masonic Hall, Tatton Road, Sale between 10 am and 1 on Saturday 30th June.

The week later on the 7th July, North and West of Traffor have a public vote at Gorse Hill Methodist Church, Stretford and Flixton House, Flixton both at the same time of 10am till 1pm.

If you want to have a say of where funding is allocated in your local community then we advise you get down to one of these events, find out what volunteers are oing in your area, and vote to secure funding for the group of your choice. These events are a great initiative that has been worked on by councillors at Trafford Council and local community members.

The voting forms will be given out at the start of the event and voters will find out the results on the day.

Good luck to all of the groups participating, there are some really worthy causes.



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