Altrincham Shop Lets on the Increase

September 4, 2012 12:54 pm

Shops Altrincham

High Street figures were out today showing the North West has the highest empty shop units with Altrincham being top with the number of vacant shop units but the latest figures show an improvement.

It has been al over the media that Altrincham has the highest number of vacant shop units in the UK but figures from Altrincham Forward and Trafford Council show that the number of vacant units are decreasing and the last 6 months has seen a significant reduction.

Positive News For Altrincham Shops

Altrincham Forward have released a press release showing that the latest UK figures stated in the national media are actually out of date and they are showing Altrincham shop unit figures from over 6 months ago. Although the town still has a lot of work to do to get more of these vacant units filled the latest increase in lettings to businesses has been positive seeing more entrepreneurship in the town with independent retailers setting up shops in good town centre locations and may bars and restaurants opening or expanding in the area.

Cllr. Matt Colledge, Chair of Altrincham Forward and Leader of Trafford Council said: -

“The figures recently announced by LDC relate to a survey undertaken in March this year. I am delighted to say that the situation is very different now. Just in the last week we have had a new music shop, two new restaurants and an independent craft shop open in the town centre. Later this week an art gallery opens and a large new outlet for vintage and crafts businesses.”

Since Altrincham Forward began working in March, Altrincham has seen a steady upturn in new businesses and the number of vacant units has reduced significantly. In June the vacancy rate was 24% but a number of those units are in development areas such as the new hospital site on Railway St. If we discount those units then the rate drops to 16.3% – well below the average for theNorth West”

Even including the figures on developmental and regeneration areas such as the NHS hospital site on Railway street, the figures for Altrincham are still at 24% not the 30% reported in the national media, these figures were correct in March 2012 but the steady increase in units being let is very positive for the town and we hope that with the support of groups such as ATCP and Altrincham Forward this will continue to grow and more businesses will take good positions in the town attracting more visitors and regulars to the area.

The figures of empty shops in the North West of the UK are at 20.1%, Altrincham has 103 out of a total of 430 ground floor units in Altrincham Town Centre available, a little above the North West average at 24% however as many of these units are not available to let due to regeneration the lettable figures are at 16.3% a much more positive figure for the town.

Part of Altrincham Forward’s plan has been to work closely with Altrincham Businesses, agents and landlords and supporting local businesses and traders with support and advice. Altrincham Forward have established themselves within this role and are now receiving many enquiries from local businesses looking to start up with premises in Altrincham or expand their existing business into better or bigger locations.

Over the next few months, Altrincham Forward will release more information on the other areas of the Action plan they have begun work on.

Matt Colledge added: -

“There is a real buzz around Altrincham at the moment. The evening economy is particularly strong with a large number of new music venues, bars and restaurants opened over the last few months. There is still a long way to go but we are now planning for a vibrant and successful Christmas season for the town centre”


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