Altrincham Town Centre Partnership Meeting

June 20, 2012 2:03 pm

ATCP LogoHave you ever looked at something in Altrincham and said “I wish it was….”? If the answer is yes then now is your chance to voice those ideas and concerns and contribute to change.

There are a lot of groups and individuals involved in improving Altrincham, there are a lot of non profit organisations and of course Altrincham Forward are working on ideas and events that will come into fruition later this year, but ATCP (Altrincham Town Centre Partnership) want to hear from you.

The ATCP hold regular meetings to generate ideas and contribute to the regeneration of Altrincham, in April they held a meeting and discussed a number of ways to help the town centre. Since then planning permission has been granted for the new Hospital on Railway Street and development on this will be started later on this year. We have also seen big changes as the work on the interchange has started with the demolition of the footbridge.

The next Meeting is being held on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 at Altrincham Town Hall and is open to the public to discuss changes and frustrations and all ideas are welcome – no matter how crazy they may seem!

The meeting kicks off at 6.30pm on Tuesday the 3rd July but space may be limited, if you want to attend please contact Altrincham Town Hall to make sure they can fit you in.



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