Altrincham’s a good new story!

March 26, 2013 3:00 pm

Bad headlines back in September 2010 provided the wake up call that eventually led to the setting up of Altrincham Forward, the town’s public / private sector regeneration partnership.

This week the Partnership has more positive media coverage to reflect on, with Monday’s Manchester Evening News headline declaring – “Altrincham: a class act with the best schools in the country.” This followed The Sunday Times placing Altrincham as the best place in Britain to live for schools, with good transport links and an appealing array of bars and restaurants.

Cllr Matt Colledge, Chair of Altrincham Forward said: “The Sunday Times has confirmed what we already knew – Altrincham is a great place to live, with excellent education and leisure provision on the doorstep. However we still have a lot of work to do to create both a town centre that matches expectations and a trading environment that supports local businesses. So we are pleased with the headlines, but it’s very much get on with the job for Altrincham Forward to make that change happen.”

The Sunday Times accolade came after a week of favourable media coverage for Altrincham, including a 3 hour Radio Manchester programme live from the town centre; a slot on the Radio 4 consumer show You and Yours; and a 5 minute feature on BBC’s primetime The One Show which was seen by 7m viewers across the country.

Jackie Campbell, Chair of Altrincham Forward’s Marketing & Communications workstream said: “Altrincham has an excellent location, good transport links and offers great lifestyle choices. We have been working hard to get the message across that now it also has a strong town centre partnership determined to meet the challenges facing our high streets. Regeneration takes time, but by working together we are beginning to deliver some real improvements – let’s hope the headlines will all be good ones from now on.”
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