Apples For Eggs Food Swap Event

June 12, 2012 9:10 am

apples for eggs food swap

This Saturday 16th June there will be a food swap event at the Oxford Road Cafe, Altrincham, if you haven’t been to a food swap event ‘Apples for Eggs’ is a great one to start out with.

The food swap initiative started off in the States but has become increasingly popular over here, it a great opportunity for communities to get together and share produce, recipes and even just get to know each other.

The food swap event is mainly people who grow there own vegetables or have allotments and can get together to chat, socialise and share their best produce with each other.

Food swap is a lovely concept, where you could easily take home a lot more than you brought and you can get some lovely different recipes. You may spend a long time making home made jams and swap then for different chutneys meaning you get a lot more fresh diverse produce in your cupboard as if you had a huge allotment and people making up the foods for you.

If you are interested register for the event here.

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