Are Banners To Be Posted Around Altrincham?

June 11, 2012 9:36 pm

stamford new road

Proposed banners have caused controversy around Altrincham as local groups fear they will not be inkeping with the towns historical look.

Fears come as 23 double sided banners are scheduled to go up around town lamp posts on Railway Street and Stamford New Road advertising events and attractions, however residents and local groups fear these will make the town look ‘tacky’.

Altrincham has a managed to keep a lot of architecture from Victorian and Edwardian times, this is something the community is very proud of and protected by local groups. The scenery is very historical and many residents feel large banners advertising various things will take away from this.

The Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society strive to keep the town attractive and protect its historical and cultural roots, they feel that the banners will be a step backwards in terms of regenerating the look and feel of the area.

On Thursday the Trafford Planning Committee are meeting to decide whether the application for the 2.2m by 0.785m double-sided banners should go ahead. Many people feel banners to advertise are a good thing but object to the placement of the signs but we will have to see if a compromise can be met for the good of the town.

The proposed banners have been met with objections from the Civic Society, Altrincham Town Centre Partnership (ATCP), Bowdon Downs Residents’ Association, Bowdon Conservation Group, and Altrincham traders and residents .

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