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June 26, 2012 11:38 am

customer service AltrinchamIt is time to stop being negative and big up Altrincham, lets shout about the good things going on in Altrincham rather than complaining on social media about the bad.

Altrincham has some fantastic places to visit, businesses and shops but most people don’t take the time to share the good experiences, they do, however, seem to find a minute to write a bad review. We want to change this get more people talking about the good customer service and businesses that are in and around Altrincham.


Using Social Media to Review Businesses

Social Media is a great tool for giving people a voice and means many big companies have to do things about bad comments on Twitter, Facebook or review sites, however for the little guy that doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on reputation management, negative reviews on social media can destroy businesses.

Customer service is very important for businesses and even more so now that you can go onto a social media platform and share your experiences within seconds. But how often do you rave about a good experience? It is human nature that for every bad comment (offline or online) there is usually about ten good comments from customers who haven’t spoken up.

On social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or review sites you find a lot of emotional responses to bad service, or a bad product, these are often knee jerk reactions and although in many cases should be highlighted, they should really be taken up with the owners and discussed.

If you receive bad customer service you do feel a very personal response and can get very emotional and it is fair enough to want to share this with people on social media but it should not be your first reaction and review sites do give the owners of the business the chance to respond and deal with the complaint offline.

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Naming and Shaming businesses

If a business has upset you then think twice about naming and shaming, you could have met them on a bad day, it may not have been regular staff but someone covering. Raise your concerns with the business owner, most business owners appreciate constructive feedback and would rather you told them of a problem than you went off and bad mouthed the business online, or to your friends, colleagues and peers.

If it is a small business a name and shame on a bad product or bad customer service could mean a huge loss in sales and cause the business real problems. We know of businesses who have felt they had to leave social media sites due to bad comments which is not a good situation for a business to be in.

Think twice before naming and shaming.

Big up Altrincham

As mentioned in many cases there are a lot of good reviews that are not being shared, we are becoming complacent about good service and when promoting Altrincham as a good town for shoppers, visitors and residents then this is a way we can all help.

Have you had good customer service in Altrincham? Is there a place you love to go to and buy from? If so shout about it, big up Altrincham and let the world know that Altrincham isn’t a ghost town but a town buzzing with talent, commerce and great customer service.

If we make enough noise about the good things in Altrincham then the odd bad review will have a smaller impact.

Many people want to help Altrincham but may have other commitments that take up their time, and very few people have the money to invest, but this is something you can do. Every time you have a good experience in Altrincham, tweet, update your facebook, share with a good review on a review site, even send the business owner a quick message. You can even leave reviews for businesses in our Altrincham directory!

It takes minutes and if everyone did it we will see a huge influence.

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