Canning O’Neill

June 13, 2012 10:37 am

canning oneill team

Who are you and what do you do?
Canning O’Neill is a well established firm of office property consultants with a long and successful track record of disposing of and acquiring office space in and around Altrincham as well as other areas within the Greater Manchester conurbation.

How long have you been living / working / trading in Altrincham?
Over 20 years.

How do you contribute to the Altrincham community?
We would like to think that we provide a valuable service to enable office occupiers to remain and operate successfully in the area.

What do you love about Altrincham?
There is a strong identity and Altrincham occupiers tend to be very loyal to the location.

What would you like to see in Altrincham?
More office development! To see business and retail growth within this very loyal community.

What improvements do you think Altrincham needs?
The redevelopment of the area around the station as promoted by Nikal is an obvious improvement that will enhance Altrincham’s image and sense of arrival. The decline in retailing is obviously also a problem in the area, it would be good to see growth in the town to provide residents and occupiers a good standard of local amenities.

How do you think we can help Altrincham grow?
Altrincham is one area where there is an under supply of good quality office accommodation.  Although the economic climate is not conducive to new office development, quality refurbishment of existing stock, given indigenous demand, is viable.

Any other comments?
For detailed availability of office accommodation in the Altrincham area, please visit the Canning O’Neill website at

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