Car crash at Barrington Road crossroads

June 18, 2012 10:53 am

car crash altrincham barrington road

Just after 9am this morning, there was quite a severe collision between 2 vehicles at the crossroads at Barrington Road. The emergency services arrived quickly, with several ambulances, fire engines and police cars arriving on scene within minutes of the incident. Traffic on the road became congested but the police worked well to ensure that it caused minimal disruption, and created a path for other vehicles to get by. One of the drivers needed to be carefully removed from their vehicle, with a team of fire fighters and paramedics working quickly and efficiently to safely remove the driver. Once safely away, the clean up was remarkably quick with police clearing the road and a council road sweeper arriving shortly after. By 10.50am there was no evidence that the event had occurred.

car crash clean up

No details describing the event of the crash were known, however many local residents and employees seemed to be of the opinion that it can be a dangerous junction, and were unsurprised by the accident.

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