Choosing a Pre School

November 25, 2013 10:54 am

Altrincham and the surrounding area in Cheshire has some fantastic pre schools, primary schools and secondary schools. This is a blessing but can make choosing the right school very difficult. Here are our top tips…

Pre School Ofsted Results

Pre Schools in Knutsford, Hale and Altrincham have some of the best Ofsted results, this makes places competitive but are you overlooking what is right for your family in favour of what is right for Government. Ofsted results are very important as they cover areas such as safety, learning and development and social development. At 2 or 3 years old, when your child is going to a pre school you should consider their personal needs. Safety is always a prime consideration but maybe you could look at how well a school does in personal and social development, physical development or perhaps reading and writing is a priority for your child. All children develop at their own pace and enjoy particular activities, look at how well a pre school performs in areas that are important to you and your child.


Seeding to a primary school

If you have already picked a primary school you may want to choose a pre school that seeds into this primary school, but be aware attending a pre school may not always guarantee a place in the primary school. Don’t worry if you have not chosen a primary school, things can change in a year or 2 and your pre school does not have to seed to a primary. You may want to choose a primary school that is not linked to any primary school giving you the option of any schools later.


Location, location, location

Location will have an impact on getting your child to their pre school but that doesn’t mean you have to go to the closest. Pre schools very rarely use catchment areas for enrolment so look to a convenient school that is easy to get to from your home. Don’t go too far afield as you may find it difficult organising a toddler to start at 9am if you have a long drive or walk.


Pre School Opening Times

Do not assume all pre schools open 9am- 3pm, many just do morning or afternoon sessions, as full days can be daunting for children at first and pre school is to help get them ready for primary school. If you will find it difficult to work round the pre school hours then you should look at other pre schools that may be more flexible.

Will your child like the pre school

This is the last but most important point for consideration, don’t take Ofsted as gospel, ask to look around a few pre schools and let your child get a feel for the place. You will soon be able to tell if they will settle in the pre school or if the class sizes are too big or the games they have aren’t quite suitable for your child. If you have a good feeling about the pre school then go with your gut, likewise if a school has an outstanding Ofsted report but you don’t feel comfortable then perhaps it isn’t the right school for your child.

Choosing the wrong preschool can cause a lot of upset, you need to feel happy and confident in your decision.

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