Coronation Street Painting displayed in Hale

June 21, 2012 9:16 am

Coronation Street Film SetCoronation Street is the longest running soap and is moving to Media City, to mark this occasion Manchester Artists most famous painting of the Rovers Return is being displayed in Hale.

William Turner has been described as “last great Northern Industrial painter” has a number of iconic paintings, but none more so than his famous oil painting of the Rovers Return, the famous Coronation Street pub. William Turner showed great initiative as he painted the now famous Rovers Return pub only months after the soap first aired in the UK.

The painting ,‘Coronation Street Set’, is a 20 x 24″ oil painting, and was painted in 1961 months after the soap first aired in December 19861, over 50 years ago. William Turner painted the scene of the Coronation Street set in the hopes of a quick say, little did he realise it would become an iconic part of popular culture and is now on sale  by Clark Art gallery in Hale, Cheshire for £48,500.

Willian Turners work is collected all over the world but he was born just miles away in Gorton in 1920, he is now considered to be onw of the last great living Northern Industrial painters.


Turner said:

“I offered it to the producer but he didn’t want it”.

Bill Clark, owner of Clark Art Gallery in Hale, says that producer is likely to be kicking himself now.

He said:

“We held a phenomenally successful Turner exhibition in 2010, with works selling for £50,000. His paintings are a great investment and have increased in value dramatically in the last five years.

“Now is a historical time for Coronation Street. In the spring it’s expected filming will stop at Quay Street for one night and start the next day at Trafford Wharf. This is a poignant painting marking the start of the most successful British series of all time – there’s a great deal of excitement about it. Just as the soap has grown in popularity, so has Turner.

“William Turner is one of the most successful northern artists of his generation and many regard him as the natural successor to Lowry. The Coronation Street painting is one of his classic works and is a real collector’s item. The soap has a huge global following. It attracts millions of viewers every week. There’ll be investors from all over the world keen to have a picture of Weatherfield in their collection.”


Coronation Street is filmed in central Manchester at Granada Studios but is shortly moving to the new Media City developments in Salford. The move will be a huge feat as the whole set (the street) will be re located, cobbles and all!

William Turner

92 year old William Turner has pieces of work exhibited in Stockport Art Gallery and Manchester Education Committee a long with many other private and public exhibits he is known for being the only artist to paint his good friend L.S. Lowry, but has not been able to paint for the last 5 years due to Parkinson’s Disease.

For more information and to view the ‘Coronation Street Set’ you can go to Clark Art Ltd’s Summer Exhibition where it is on sale for £48,500. It can also be viewed on the gallery website at


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