Council and business owners still plan to revitalise Altrincham

June 1, 2012 3:21 pm

mary portas

As most people in the local area are aware, Altrincham failed to secure the £100,00 investment in the first round of the Mary Portas Pilots. Although many people were very disheartened by the news, the Council and local business leaders have promised that they are still looking for ways to revitalise the area. Cllr Matt Colledge from Trafford Council (who is also the chairmain of Altrincham Forward) has said:

“Our bid for Portas funding was a statement of our ambition but not winning won’t hamper us from moving forward. We are still serious about revitalising Altrincham.”

Despite not getting through the first round of the Portas Pilots, a second round is now being launched due to the scheme popularity. Even if you have applied previously, there is still the opportunity to be reconsidered, which means Altrincham has another opportunity to secure the funding. However, Jackie Campbell the Chairman of Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce, has plans to make changes regardless of the bidding opportunity. She said:

“It would be great if Altrincham is successful in the second round but we can’t sit back and be dependant on the funding. Our development has got to go ahead. We’ve started regenerating and there’s no stopping us now.”

This statement has provided a lot of hope to local business owners, and already some changes can be seen in the town centre.

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