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November 19, 2015 4:31 pm

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A wide array of small business’ seem to pop up every day and with competition growing more and more over time, maintaining those all important sales will make the difference between success and bankruptcy and the best way to drive sales is marketing. If you do not have a brand, the people simply do not know who or where you are, then they cannot make that all-important sale; this is where marketing comes in.

Marketing will tell your people a little more about your business and product and allow you to be able to secure that all-important sale.

Here are six different ways you can dramatically improve your marketing strategy. Some of these ideas may not apply to your business exactly but trying to fit them in where possible will make all of the difference in the long term.

Define the Demographic

Hitting your demographic will make all the difference in driving sales to your store or brand. You need to be able to focus on who buys the majority of your products and how you can sell to similar demographics or make repeat sales to the same demographics.

An example would be if you are selling products such as mens grooming kits or mens razors then your primary market should be men in their 20′s through to 40′s. You should also be targeting wives and family members who may buy these as a present as a secondary market. This will help you give the demographics exactly what they want and in turn will result in a lot more sales for your business.

Review What You’re Doing and Streamline It

Look at what you are doing and see how it can be improved. If you are spending large sums of money printing leaflets and having people represent your products or store (ambassadors) and you are not seeing a return on investment then why carry on?

You have two real and logical options when it comes to sales channels that are not performing;

Firstly, you can try to improve these sales channels, push the people representing your brand or store such as ambassadors to push sales or pay them on a commission rather than free products. Making these ambassadors work harder to drive sales should make them either stay and you will see an increase in profits or leave and you will see a decrease in spending.

Secondly, you can simply cut these sales channels out of your marketing strategy. This in turn will decrease your spending but may have a knock on effect to your profits. You should consider each before making a move.

Get Online

Having an online presence is key to being able to drive sales in this day and age. A website not only gives you an online presence but it allows you to be able to engage customers in a completely new environment. You can give them store information, content, product information and even a place to be able to buy products online so they can purchase your products even if they cannot make it into your store. This in turn makes it even easier than ever to purchase products from you and your brand.

Either you can have a go at building your site yourself or you can hire a web design agency. However, the second is usually the best option if you want to be able to get the most from your site, as the professionals tend to be able to do a better job at things like that.

Get On Social Media

Having a footprint on social media lets you communicate with your audience on a more personal level. It eliminates the sale focused exterior and allows you to be able to converse with your clients and customers in a way that could mean repeat sales or simply that they are more likely to buy something. It also lets you get product information, content, sales and discounts to all of your customers and clients at once and a lot faster than any other way.

You should be choosing your social media platforms depending on what demographic works best for you. If you are an artist then you might prefer using Instagram to be able to reach your audience, if your business is a pub or high street store you could use Facebook for a more conversational approach.

Social media is a powerful tool and being able to tailor it for your brands or business’ needs can see you increase your sales tenfold.

Spend Time on Content

When it comes down to your website or social media you are going to need some content to put in it. Everything from your twitter posts, your sites blog posts all the way to the FAQ page on your site all fit under content. A large number of people simply disregard the importance of this and write anything to fill their website. However, it is important to be able to spend time planning this content and making it works for you.

Things like tutorials on how to use products, pictures or galleries and text that drives sales and pushes the user along the sales funnel in a subtle way will all aid your overall sales and profits.

Push Retention

It is always easier to retain a customer then it is to create a new one. If you can give a customer great service and a quality product then they will have no reason to go elsewhere and with a little encouragement will return in the future. Things such as email marketing, discounts off next purchases or even a rewards system like Tesco’s club card or Costa Coffee’s five coffees one free deal that can be used over a period of a few weeks. All three of these methods will see customers returning repeatedly to be able to buy from your store or purchase your products.

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