Guitarthur – Round Our Way Altrincham

August 31, 2012 4:14 pm

Altrincham song

Altrincham has lots to shout and sing about but this morning Giutarthur did a special ersion of Round our way for Altrincham singing lyrics about our lovely town Altrincham.

Paul Hand known as Guitarthur, is a talented singer and song writer who performs on the XFM breakfast show. A very funny man, he puts together songs of ‘Round our way’ featuring areas around Manchester and this morning he wrote a song about Altrincham.

The song is a great tribute to Altrincham and throughout the song references how ‘posh’ Altrincham is with Pretty Posh Ladies eating ploughmans for lunch, and Versace in the charity shops. Guitarthur obviously references the fact that Altrincham is the end of the line on the Metro Link and the Manchester and the sporting clubs, the Robins – Altrincham FC, the Cycling Club and the Manchester Phoenix ice hockey club that are based at Altrincham ice rink.

He also mentions all the famous musicians who originated from Altrincham and reminds us that Ian Brown went to Altrincham Grammar School for boys. Being a comedian, Guitarthur does a tribute to Frank sidebottom from Timperley and in his honour finished off some of the song using a casio style keyboard.

Have a listen to the song yourself and let us know what you think and we will leave you with these words from the song;

Alty alty alty I like my chips salty

Posh ladies phwoar….


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