Hogan’s Of Hale ‘Thriller’ Night

June 15, 2016 11:10 am

Hogan’s Of Hale ‘Thriller’ Night

Hogan’s of Hale is due to throw yet another huge event with the up and coming Michael Jackson tribute night within the popular Cheshire bar on Thursday June 30th. The artist performing is Navi who is famous for his amazing Michael Jackson impersonation so the night is sure to go off with a bang and a huge array of classic such as Thriller, Billy Jean and even Smooth Criminal.

Guest can opt in early to experience unrivalled views of the act from the Mezzanine level or to get close and into the atmosphere of the amazing act through selecting a private booth on the ground floor. Either way the audience is in for an amazing show.

Navi himself is so prestigious and experienced at his MJ impersonation in fact, that the late Michael Jackson himself invited Navi to his Neverland Ranch to meet the man himself, he was been called in to be an MJ decoy on a number of occasions and even had the honour of performing for MJ on his 45th birthday. Navi to this day is the only MJ impersonator to do this and.

Hogan’s of Hale is boasting an elegant two course meal before the performance to be able to allow people to relax in the comfort of the venue before the energetic show takes to the main stage.

The ticket itself for the venue and event is a mere £10, however if you would like to attend the bistro meal and the event it will cost you £35. Either way the night is well worth it.


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