J Davidson Sponsor School Time Capsule

June 13, 2012 10:18 am


J Davidson Time Capsule

Altrincham scrap Metal Processors, J Davidson, have sponsored a Jubilee Time Capsule for the pupils at Firs Road Primary School.

Firs Road Primary School have pulled together to do a 60 year time capsule in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The time capsule has been filled by the primary school students, with items that they feel will best represent how life is today to future generations. They included items that celebrate the Queens jubilee such as drawings they have done of the Queen, they also have current maps and drawings of endangered animals.

The time capsule has been kindly sponsored by one of Altrincham’s most well known businesses, J Davidson, who surprised the children at their playtime by arriving in their Terminator Truck to attend the burial of the time capsule.

J Davidson’s Paul Jenkins said,

“The sponsored capsule will be buried at the school and dug up sixty year’s time.  You can be sure that J Davidsons will ‘be back’ to discover the past all over again.”

I wonder what the future generations will think of the time capsule and how 2012 will compare to their lives, I would hope some of the students involved in the time capsule would be back to dig it up with their own grandchildren in 60 years time.


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