J Davidson’s new Live and Let Die flagship vehicle

June 10, 2012 4:04 pm

john davidson live let die

J Davidson is a very well known UK scrap metal processors based right here in Altrincham. Anyone living in Altrincham or the surrounding areas may well have seen one of their very famous custom trucks; a Terminator themed paint job with an amazingly detailed interior. Well they’ve now just added a new flagship vehicle to their fleet, this one is themed with a James Bond Live and Let Die custom paint job!

Personally I’m a huge fan of these. You don’t see many custom paint jobs like this any more, and it the vehicles are now instantly recognisable when you see them driving through Altrincham town.

Managing Director Jamie Davidson said:

“The truck was one of the main attractions at Truckfest and it isn’t hard to see why. It not only looks great, but is also equipped to the latest specifications to meet the demands of our customers. We’re very happy with this new addition to our fleet. It’s sure to catch the eye of truck and movie enthusiasts alike when we’re out on the road.”

You can find out more and see additional pictures from the J Davidson website using the following link:

J Davidson New Arrival

To see a video of the famous Terminator truck, see the YouTube video below:

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