Join Tumble Tots to motivate Cheshire’s toddlers

June 18, 2012 8:29 am

Tumble Tots LogoOver a 23% of our 4-5 years old are now overweight or obese as well as over 33% of our 10-11 year olds and there’s little sign the incidence is slowing. Children of pre-school age require 180 minutes of activity per day according to the government guidelines launched last year. Tumble Tots prides itself in giving babies and children the best start in life through their physical play programme and our latest campaign of fun and excitement is called ‘Let the Tumble Tots Games Begin’.

‘Let The Tumble Tots Games begin’ campaign started in February and runs through to July. The campaign has four themed sessions Track & Field, Water Games, Pitch & Events, Rhythm and Gym then a finale of all the categories. All of the themes are a way of encouraging children to develop their imagination and physical skills. The children attending the Tumble Tots sessions will join in some themed sessions and will receive a spectacular certificate and sticker after the session.
Tumble Tots Cheshire
As part of the campaign Tumble Tots have produced a fabulous booklet incorporating some ideas and exercises for families to get involved in. These activities relate to the three elements of fitness, i.e. strength, endurance and flexibility.

“I really look forward to themed weeks for the Tumble Tots and the ‘Let the Games begin’ sessions will help to start our toddlers on a sporting journey from learning those essential physical skills of agility, balance, climbing and coordination whilst learning to socialise with their peers, developing language skills and building their self esteem and confidence said, Jane McDowell of Tumble Tots in Knutsford, Hale, Bowdon and West Didsbury.

Tumble Tots CheshireAcross the United Kingdom, more than 42,000 Tumble Tots babies and children will be participating in an extra active Tumble Tots session during our ‘Let the games begin’ campaign and parents around the country will be encouraged to continue with a regular active routine so that we build a healthier nation.

Tumble Tots have a local represnetative who covers Bowdon, Hale, Timperley, Sale and Knutsford helping encourage physical development in children from as young as 6 months old and up to the age of 7. If you want to get involved and get a free copy of the ‘Let the games begin’ booklet, contact Jane McDowell or download a copy from

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