National Independents Day 2012

June 13, 2012 8:32 am

National Independents Day 2012

Altrincham is full of great independent retailers and to celebrate this we should show our support in this years National Independents Day.

Visit Altrincham are keen to get people in Trafford and Cheshire to buy local from Altrincham shops and businesses and National Independents day is a great way to try to promote this further.

National Independents day is being held on the 4th July 2012, this is a Wednesday and a clever spin on Americas Independence Day. This will be celebrated all over the UK in a national campaign that will promote over 160,000 independent retailers all over the country.

The event is being organised by the National Skills Academy for Retail who want to support so many of the local independent shops that make up 92% of all retail business in the UK.  With so many local shops and retailers making up this large chunk of the economy it is no wonder they want to encourage this.

Jane Rexworthy, Head of the National Skills Academy for Retail said;

 “We are delighted to lead this campaign to celebrate diversity in retail. Independents’ Day aims to highlight the huge range of skills successful independent retailers need to make our towns and cities such interesting and varied places to visit and shop.

“The National Skills Academy for Retail offers a wide range of support directly to retailers to help them get ahead. It’s essential independent retailers understand that to compete today they have to have the best people as well as products, and that training and development can really make a difference.”

Altrincham has many fantastic independent shops and retailers and we have been saying for some time that they should be supported to help the local economy. These local shops have unique products and friendly customer service as well as local support when needed.

We prefer to shop locally as we find the best deals and the best products this way but lets all make an effort this Independents Day on Wednesday 4th July and show the UK that Altrincham has the best local shops and the best local community in the UK!

If you want to find out more about Independents Day go to the National Website here.

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