Northern artists shine in landmark exhibition

September 6, 2012 9:44 am

Clarke Gallery Hale Altrincham exhibit 1

L.S. LOWRY is leading an impressive line-up of 32 great northern artists in a landmark collective arts exhibition opening in Cheshire this Autumn on the 13th September.
Clark Art gallery in Hale is providing art lovers with a rare opportunity to view one of the largest exhibitions of northern art ever displayed.

Clarke Gallery Hale Altrincham exhibit 3

Northern Art: Past and Present will open to the public on 13th September and runs until October 13th 2012. The exhibition will provide a chronological insight into the evolving north of England art scene.

Visitors will be taken on an artistic journey beginning with classic works by Adolphe Valette, moving on to L.S. Lowry and his contemporaries, through to never seen before pieces by today’s emerging talents such as Liam Spencer, Stacey Manton and Ben Kelly.

Bill Clark, northern art expert and owner of Clark Art gallery, said:

“The show isn’t just about the big names we know and love but also the ones to watch; the collectors’ favourites for the future. Today there are some wonderfully talented artists working and developing within the northern art genre. It’s fascinating to see their work alongside that of the predecessors who inspired them.”

Bill added:

“The exhibition has been in the making for some time – I’ve wanted to hold a landmark exhibition bringing the works of many northern greats together, all in one place. Now is an exciting time for the northern art movement and the show is meant to celebrate this and illustrate how the genre has evolved over the years.
“We’re proudly waving the flag for the northern arts scene and letting the north’s finest artistic talent shine.”

Clark Art Limited has galleries in Cheshire and London specialising in the work of northern artists particularly L.S. Lowry. The exhibition will be held at the Hale Gallery near Altrincham, 155, Ashley Road, Hale.

Clarke Gallery Hale Altrincham exhibit 2


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