Primary school pupils target litter

May 9, 2014 2:39 pm


Litter was the target this week when over 30 eager pupils from St Vincent’s Primary School in Altrincham joined adult volunteers and Trafford Council staff in a litter pick around the school site.


This was carried out in conjunction with Altrincham Forward and the willing volunteers ensured it was a huge success by collecting 20 sacks of litter on the day.


Corporate Director at Trafford Council Wendy Marston said: “This and similar initiatives are all geared towards building closer, stronger links between local schools and the town centre.


“Encouraging secondary and primary schools to be actively involved in their community is an important way of building community spirit and pride. I would like to congratulate the students and all the volunteers on their achievements during the day.


These efforts reinforce the huge community support there is for improving local areas. This is also demonstrated through the Council’s recently launched Be Responsible campaign aimed at raising awareness of the serious problem of dog fouling as part of our wider environmental strategy. We are working with local communities, businesses, partner organisations, friends’ of the park and community groups to encourage local people to be responsible for this type of littering. This approach is already seeing improvements, which we are keen to see continue.”


St Vincent’s Primary School’s Eco-Coordinators Ellen Kaczmarczyk and Aidan McCann said: “We are committed to working with Altrincham Forward and other partners to ensure we play our part in helping create a cleaner, greener, more pleasant local environment. I would also like to say how proud I am of our pupils and their efforts not just on this, but other environmental initiatives and projects they get involved in.”


Altrincham Forward representative and Trafford College Assistant Principal Joan Scott said: All the Altrincham Forward partners are committed to working to make a difference and bring about improvements to the town centre. This can only be achieved by working with local people, businesses and other organisations. Everyone involved in this litter pick should be extremely proud of their efforts which have no doubt helped brighten up the school site, something which everyone at the school will benefit from.”


Any School interested in getting involved should contact the Stronger Communities Team at Trafford Council on 0161 912 1173 or email


More information on Altrincham Forward can be found at

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