RRG Toyota unveil the new GT86

July 13, 2012 2:21 pm

gt86 revealed toyota altrincham

Last night, RRG Toyota in Altrincham held a special event at their showroom to unveil the new, and highly anticipated GT86. On arriving at the showroom, the car was parked in the centre and covered to tease the the visitors, showing only the shape and lines of the new sports car. Before being unveiled, all the visitors were treated to food and drink, and they even had the old arcade game of “SEGA Rally” (reminds me of my youth!) available to play for entertainment. The player with the fastest time later won a prize!

Around 8pm, music began to play and the cars lights turned on from under it’s cover, the engine started, a few people got a surprise as this was followed by a few loud revs of the 200BHP engine which echoed inside the showroom. There were plenty of “ooooh’s”, “ahhhh’s” and applause as the car was finally revealed, and following a brief presentation from Sales Manager Nathan Farrington, everyone was finally able to get a good close up look of the car. Most people tried to sit in the front seat and get a good feel for the car, and there was a lot of close inspection of the engine, dash, back seat and boot.

Most were impressed with the car and signed up for a test drive for this weekend, and some had already bought one! It would seem that a few dealerships have limited numbers of the GT86, so if you’re interested in finding out more or would like to book a test drive, then head over to RRG Toyota in Altrincham!

One of the SEO Creative team were invited to the event, so covered the photography for the evening. You can see some of the photos from the night in the gallery below.

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