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May 10, 2012 11:44 am


Luke and Steve #movember

Steve (Lead Developer) and Luke (Owner) Movember 2011

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Luke Sherran, and I’m the owner of SEO Creative. My company specialises in web design and online marketing, and it has been going strong since May 2009. When I first set the company up, I was just working by myself from our study (which is now my son’s bedroom!) helping small businesses to get online by offering high quality at low cost; which is easy to do when your overheads are low. After 3 months, we started getting busy so I convinced my wife to leave her SEO role at a large agency, and join the business too. It was scary at the time, but I knew that our combined expertise was a winning combination! As I write this we now have offices in Altrincham, a head count of 5 in the office, and although our client list may seem intimidating to some, we still have relationships and regular work with small businesses and sole traders.

How long have you been living/working/trading in Altrincham?
We moved to offices in Altrincham in March 2011. At the time, I didn’t know a great deal about the area despite living just a few miles away in Knutsford. However from what I could see the town was ideally situated just south of Manchester, and the excellent public transportation made it perfect for our employees. In fact, our office is just a few hundred metres away from the Metro.
When we were looking for offices we viewed a few other locations first that were closer to Manchester City Centre. When I mentioned Altrincham as a possible location to our agent, he advised against it due to a lot of shops being boarded up and that it might be bad for perception (he also really wanted us to move into a completely unsuitable office – quite possibly the worst agent ever!). I had been to Altrincham a couple of times, and thought he was just being dramatic; but I was quite surprised when I walked through the town centre and saw how things had changed. Nonetheless, Altrincham still ticked a lot of the boxes for what we were looking for, and we haven’t looked back since.


How do you contribute to the Altrincham community?

I have a strong memory from when I was young, of my mum telling me the benefits of buying from local businesses as we drove to pick up a washing machine from a shop in our town centre. This must have stayed with me, as it’s now something I’ve always done.
I will always check local shops before buying online, even if it means my lunchtime walk into the town centre ends up taking me a bit further! One day I was trying to buy a particular brand of health products from Holland & Barrett which they didn’t stock, but they happily told me about a shop just a short distance away that might called The Greenhouse. When I got there it was a little gem of a shop but I had never heard of it, and likely would never have found it if I hadn’t been told about it.
This is where I saw an opportunity to help. Unless a shop was on the main high street or had a website, then I was unlikely to find it. But by having an Altrincham business directory with categorised listings, users would be able to quickly find what they were looking for, helping them to find these “hidden gems”.
I then spent the next 12 months with my company building the Visit Altrincham website. Despite starting off simple, the further we got with the development, the more we realised was needed. Several redesigns and restructures later, we finally have a site that will hopefully be of benefit, with plenty of additional functionality earmarked for the future depending on how it is received.
This seemed like the best way that we could use our skill set to help the community. I wish we were retail guru’s that could help advise shop owners, but we’re a web design and online marketing company, and this is definitely the best use of our talents.

What do you love about Altrincham?
Altrincham is a great town, and I like to think that it’s back on the way up. Having a 17 month old baby, I haven’t had the opportunity to get involved in the brilliant night life recently, but we have been enjoying the food at the local restaurants. Also, the location of Altrincham really is perfect in my opinion for the surrounding areas. Using Altrincham as your base, you’re just a short journey away from busy city centres like Manchester, and beautiful historic National Trust locations like Dunham Massey and Tatton Park. Not many places can offer that!

What would you like to see in Altrincham?
I would love to see a busy high street again, but personally I would also like to see more for kids and young families.

What improvements do you think Altrincham needs?
I think that attitudes need to change. Over the last 12 months I’ve been doing a lot of research into Altrincham online, through Social Media, as well as speaking to people directly about our ideas for the Visit Altrincham website. Whereas most people are positive and are actively looking for ways to improve the town, there is also a lot of negativity, scepticism and a feeling that it’s all outside of your control. This is not the case, and if we take action then we can help the town and the community.

How do you think we can help Altrincham grow?
We can help Altrincham grow by simply working together to make Altrincham a better place. It doesn’t matter who is doing it, it should be the more the merrier. Everyone should be getting involved, and everyone needs to share the same goal of improving the town and helping Altrincham thrive again.

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