Tasting at La Vina, Hale

July 16, 2012 11:29 am

La Vina HaleLa Vina Tapas restaurant in Hale held a tasting evening on Thursday the 12th July where residents in Hale and Altrincham were able to try some of their dishes, we went a long to sample the delicacies.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a taster session at La Vina, in Hale. La Vina is a wine bar and Restaurant right in the centre of Hale. We parked at the station and the wine bar is just down the street, so it is very conveniently situated, literally two minutes from the station. There is parking in front of the bar, but it was busy so the station is the ideal place to park.

When you go in, the Spanish ambience is obvious from the start. The lighting is subdued but you can see what you are eating and drinking. The decor is Spanish. The waiters are all Spanish and very efficient. We were given a welcoming glass of sangria – delicious, not like some of the concoctions I have had on holiday. There were also mojitos on offer. The atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming.

The whole point of the evening was to taste the food. Dish after dish of delicious tapas arrived; bruschetta to begin with and then a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian specials. There were too many to mention individually so I will concentrate on the highlights. There was a delicious pollo con salsa, which was chicken and mushrooms in a subtle cream and sherry sauce. The tortilla on offer was tortilla espinicas, with wonderfully fresh tasting spinach enlivening the traditional flavour of a traditional tortilla. Being hand carved in front of us was a whole Serrano ham. Wafer thin slivers were individually cut and the subtle flavour was excellent. Mini burgers with an onion chutney were a twist on the traditional burger, much improved by being freshly made with good quality meat. The squid rings were tender, not rubbery as squid so often can be and served with a slightly piquant mayonnaise.

Paella is the traditional Spanish dish and I have tasted many types of paella over the years. They vary a great deal in quality and content, and some are frankly boring. Here we had two paellas on offer, a traditional and a vegetarian. I tried the traditional, with chicken and mussels, and found it delicious with the rice having plenty of flavour. I would have had more but by this time I was feeling decidedly full!

So how did the rest of the guests enjoy the food? There were a number of vegetarians there and they were enthusiastic about the food. I didn’t try the vegetarian paella but it was a favourite with the vegetarian guests, as were the crumbly cheese croquettes. The meat eaters enthused about the mini burgers and those who were fond of fish enjoyed the salmon and potatoes in a creamy sauce.

This was a good start to the evening. Some of those there had been before and it was a nice gesture to invite people who were regulars. Some people went off to continue the night elsewhere and others stayed for a few drinks at the bar. Though quite busy, there were plenty of seats available, and the background noise was unobtrusive so conversation was easy. I think I will be back.

If you want to try out La Vina for yourself have a look at their website to book online or call 01619 281122.



  1. What a lovely article about La Vina – the food was delicious and the waiters very courteous.
    Any comments that we did make about the food were rectified immediately which shows great attention to detail and customer service.

    We are already regulars at La Vina, and will continue to remain so!

    Moore Accountancy

  2. We enjoyed ourselves, the food and the drink a lot. It was nice to meet some local people too. I have been to La Vina a few times before and will continue to go back

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