The Cupcake Box

March 17, 2012 4:20 pm

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Chantel, owner of The Cupcake Box. What initially started out as a hobby has steadily grown into a friendly but professional business, recently being a top 5 finalist of the Cake Industry Newcomer of the Year 2012. Im also very pleased to say that we have just received confirmation of our Food Hygine Rating from Trafford Council – a 5, this being the top rating!

How long have you been living/working/trading in Altrincham?

My family and I have been living in the area for about three years now following our relocation from RAF Cottesmore in Rutland. We moved to the area so that my husband could be close to the National Cycling Centre after he was accepted onto the British Para-Cycling Programme. With his demanding schedule on the lead up to London 2012 Paralympic Games I feel blessed that I am able to run my own business and be flexible with the hours I work so that I am there for our daughter.

How do you contribute to the Altrincham community?

Here at The Cupcake Box we are known for getting involved in charity events and always open to ideas, so why not drop us an email with your suggestions.

What do you love about Altrincham?

The Community Spirit! Over the years many towns and cities have lost this but local campaigns such as ‘Altrinchams Big Tidy Up’ and ‘Street Proud’ to name but a few just goes to show that Altrincham still has it.

What would you like to see in Altrincham?

I would love to see local businesses thrive again. Although I have only lived in the area a relatively short time it saddens me to see so many businesses being forced to close.

What improvements do you think Altrincham needs?

I certainly think that empty units are quite “offputting” for those visiting Altrincham. One idea that I think works well in drawing the people back is to let local artists use these empty units to showcase their work and I think we should encourage ideas such as this.

How do you think we can help Altrincham grow?

Without doubt I think that working on different uses for the empty units is a start and initiatives such as the Traders Outlet in Altrincham and Sale alike are fantastic for this. Making rent affordable for small businesses, slowly bringing the high street back to life.

Any other comments…

Support your local businesses and help your community :)

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