Time Fairy Takes On 3 Volcano Challenge For CAFT

July 5, 2012 9:22 am

Natalie Bray - Altrincham's Time FairyNatalie Bray talks to Visit Altrincham about her 3 Volcano Charity to help raise money for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust also known as CAFT.


I am Natalie Bray from A Little More Time a personal and business concierge service provider or as i seem to be better known time fairy!!!!

I am giving up my time in October to take on a 3 volcano trek for the children’s adventure farm trust – CAFT.

If you don’t already know about this local charity, The Children’s adventure farm trust is based at the beautiful booth bank farm, a 17th century farmhouse in Millington near Altrincham. They provide holidays for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West

The needs of the children visiting The adventure farm range from complex and severe physical and learning disabilities, sensory impairments and terminal illness to children who act as carers for a family member, those dealing with bereavement and children who have been victims of abuse.

As you can see CAFT does amazing work for children and i being a mum of 3 happy healthy children want to show my support my trekking up 3 volcanoes. Vesuvius, Stromboli and Mount Etna in October.Time Fairy family

Anyone that knows me already i have set myself quite a task to do, I’m not the fittest of people but am determined to do it as it’s such a good local cause.
I am wanting to ask you if you would be so kind if you would be able to sponsor me, donate raffle prizes for some events i’m planning or maybe you have a company that could stretch to corporate sponsor myself, i will wear a top with your logo at all times throughout challenge and any events i put on (is there any nice t shirt printers out there that may like to donate a top and print?)
Why not get your children to wash the neighbour’s cars to drum up some sponsorship for me, if it ever stops raining!!
Maybe you have a shop that would like to have a CAFT charity tin, even route around for some of that loose change in the car or handbags then just put in to my justgiving site and it goes straight over to CAFT and saves me chasing people who said they would sponsor me, one of my time saving plans!

Whatever you can think of please help me and CAFT as i have taken on this challenge quite late in the process so need as much support as people are so kind enough to give me.

If you can help in anyway big or small i would be extremely grateful
Natalie Bray


We think that this is a great cause and love the work that CAFT do, but you may also be interested to know that Natalie helps businesses and busy people save time and it is from this she has adopted the name of Time Fairy check her business ‘A Little More Time’ in our directory.

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