Trafford Council iPhone App

June 12, 2012 1:57 pm

trafford council iphone app

Did you know Trafford Council have an iPhone app? Well they do and it is great, this is another great initiative Trafford Council have brought out to get real feedback from the Altrincham community.

The iPhone app was brought out by Trafford Council some time ago but we only heard about it today on Twitter from @OurAltrincham. As we are geeks and love anything to do with technology we rushed over to the Apple store to download the Trafford Council iPhone app.

This iPhone app is great for Trafford Council to get feedback and also for residents to have access to important information on the go.

Trafford Council iphone app screenshot

The app offers users an easy platform to check bin days, find local places like, libraries, recycling centres or car parks. You can report issues as you see them and even check which day your bin should be collected.


This app is a great way to engage with Altrincham’s community using resources that are literally at their finger tips, it is great to see Trafford Council providing a service that is in touch with what residents are doing and using tools they are used to.

Download the app and let us know what you think…



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