Waterbabies in Altrincham

July 2, 2012 8:33 am

waterbabies altrinchamMany parents are nervous of taking their baby Swimming for the first time but Anna from Waterbabies talks about the benefits of getting your child swimming at an early age.

Swimming with your baby – one of the most memorable, thrilling and bonding things the two of you will ever share. And potentially life-saving.
Many parents find that becoming confident in water increases their confidence on land. Others say the best thing is finding an activity that they and their baby both adore.
But along with the fun, there’s lots of technical stuff to consider if you want to get the most from it. Hence lots of parents enrolling in lessons like those offered by Water Babies, the UK’s leading baby swim school.
Their uniquely structured programme, designed to make the most of babies’ natural affinity with water, teaches water confidence and safety techniques from birth. ‘With progressive training, babies can be taught life saving skills such as turning onto their backs or swimming to the nearest solid object following a sudden submersion’ comments Anna Woodhart, director of Water Babies locally. ‘And it’s so important that they do. Within the last two years, eight of our children nationally saved themselves from drowning – despite three of them being only two.’
The Water Babies course teaches using voice commands and learning to respond to these is excellent for your baby’s mental development. Despite looking gentle, the lessons provide your baby with a complete physical workout. Studies have shown that participating babies have improved sleeping and eating patterns – a definite bonus!
‘Teaching over 26,000 clients each week, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to ensure our parents and babies experience something truly extraordinary,” continues Anna. ‘As parents ourselves, we appreciate that this is one of the most magical times in people’s lives and work incredibly hard to enhance it.
‘Finally, we’re the only swimming company to have won six national awards in the last four years. Reflecting the fact that we’re absolutely passionate about what we do.’Water Babies poolside

Waterbabies is a fun way to introduce your child to swimming at an early age and have classes all over the UK to find out more about classes in Cheshire and Altrincham take a look at their website.


There are 3 locations close to Altrincham where you can join Waterbabies such as the Holiday Inn and Marriot near Manchester Airport and Tall Trees in Lymm but new venues are being added regularly and with classes running every day all over Cheshire you can find a convenient place to take your child. You can also visit the Trafford Council website to find out more on public swimming pools to get your child used to the water.

Swimming lessons are a fund activity to do with your child and could also potentially be lifesaving!


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