Why we have a pricing structure on Visit Altrincham

February 5, 2012 4:22 pm

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When we first had the idea of the Visit Altrincham website back in July 2011, the intention was for it to be a completely free to use site for businesses in Altrincham and the local areas, with the option of being a paid site sponsor. This enables us to spend a greater amount of management and development time to keep the site running and up to date, while ear marking functionality for the future. It should also be very appealing for all the local businesses, and the more businesses that are listed, the better the site is for the visitors.

As we developed the directory side of the site over the last year, we realised that the directory was potentially open to spammers who might fill in lots of directory listings in attempt to build links to their own site. So although we offer a free directory listing to all businesses, we also have provided the option of having a listing complete with a link to your site for the low one off cost of £2 in our premium package.

We also really liked the idea of being able to have a prioritised option in the directory, so if you had a popular category i.e. restaurants and bars, you could pay a premium to be listed above the normal listings. Again, what we realised is that this needs to be priced correctly, because if every business decided that they wanted to be prioritised, there would be little point having that functionality.

All the money made from Visit Altrincham will go back into the website, to help support the community and local businesses, and ultimately to help Altrincham thrive again.

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