Zippy And Zappy Pot Painting in Altrincham

August 10, 2012 3:14 pm

zippy and zappy altrincham

We are always looking for things to do with children and families in Altrincham, especially in the summer holidays, so when we came across Zippy and Zappy Pot painting in Altrincham we were excited to see a creative way for children to have fun.

We spoke to Lynn, the founder of Zippy and Zappy pot painting, and she got us really excited about the projects she is running, Lynn is another successful business owner in Altrincham who has widen her reach beyond just our lovely town but her roots are firmly placed in Altrincham.

Working from Timperley, Lynn has found a way to combine her passion for arts and crafts with a business that firstly let her spend time with her own family and secondly is great fun. Lynn loves what she does and from speaking to her it is her passion that has contributed to her ongoing success.

Zippy and Zappy Pot Painting Parties

The quirky name of Zippy and Zappy are 2 characters Lynn created and from there the idea sprouted to use these characters to have fun, and get kids interested in arts and crafts. Using the Zippy and Zappy theme you can have a children’s party either at your home or at a choice venue where kids can paint their own pots and participate in fun activities. It doesn’t matter if some of the children have not painted pots before they all get the attention they need to create a painted pot they can be proud of and take home with them.

The parties can be at your home or at a venue of your choice, if you aren’t sure where to go then Lynn offers to help you find a venue as well. The parties are for a minimum of 10 children and to guarantee a good amount of one to one time you should only book for a maximum of 12 children. The Zippy and Zappy experience can extend to face painting and buying ceremonial pots, such as Olympic pots and Jubilee post.

Success outside Altrincham

Lynn is a very passionate person who obviously loves her job, she spoke to us on the phone for some time about the children’s parties in and around Altrincham, but it wasn’t until later in the chat we found out that she was being very modest about her achievements. Zippy and Zappy are turning into a brand that are loved by children all over the UK as she often goes to Haven venues to do her parties and shows. Laughing, Lynn said she is turning her career into a children’s entertainer but the reality of it seems that she loves her work and this is what the children love about her.

The fact that Zippy and Zappy has become a loved brand in Haven means she now has fans from Scotlan, Devon, Wales and all over the UK uploading pictures to her Facebook page.

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  1. Paul Cowburn
    Posted August 11, 2012 at 11:19 am

    I’ve known Lynn for a long time and its so nice to see her passion materialise in the local as well as not so local world. ‘Visit Altrincham’s’ editorial nicely encapsulated the business and the background behind its success.
    May the Zippy and Zappy years ahead long continue to bear the fruit of Lynn’s enduring passion for those little people, and not so little people in the community.

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