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Bloom Live
104 Stamford New Road
WA14 1DN

0161 929 1067

The Ultimate Live Music Experience

Bloom Live is a bar & restaurant and venue for Altrincham, offering the Ultimate Live Music Experience.

Enjoy a meal in our restaurant, cocktails in the indulgent lounge and sample some of the very best international musicians live for your entertainment 7 DAYS A WEEK. We have a range of events to suit all musical tastes, from Jazz, Soul and Blues to Funk, Pop, Reggae and more. We also support local musicians and up and coming artists.  Our priority is the music and we want you to have a special experience with us.

But there’s more than just world class live music. An evening at Bloom wouldn’t be an evening at Bloom without the finest selection of cocktails, fine wines, international lagers and champagne anywhere. All this served, if you so wish, to your table throughout the evening by our charming team who will see to your every need. There’s no better way to enjoy the evening!

Entry to Bloom is always free of charge, so come down, relax and savour the uniquely special atmosphere at Bloom.

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  1. mim
    Posted September 12, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    i went to bloom on Fri night and i ordered tequila for me and my friend. they didnt serve it with lemon or salt and when i ask for salt and lemon the bar staff said they havent got any.I spoted lemon on the bar and i told him that i actualy can see the lemon from behind the bar.So he grabbed the lemon with his dirty unwashed hand and handed it to me just like that..absolutly shoking, unfriendly and disgusting attitude of the manners at all..


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