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The Vintage Bakery and Pitta Crepe in AltrinchamAltrincham has a network of food and drink businesses, from Italian restaurants and Jazz bars, to street food vans that have fresh meals prepared right in front of you. You would be surprised how many good places there are in the town centre to eat, drink, and of course, be merry.

We want to provide you with all the information on the best bars and restaurants to go to at night, and let you know about Altrincham’s favourite cafes and street vans to pick up a good deal or just have that full and content feeling you get after a great meal.

There is no reason for you to have to go outside Altrincham for a bite to eat or a night out when Altrincham has so much to offer right here.

Altrincham Restaurants

Altrincham is expanding fast with a number of Restaurants in Altrincham with great persoality and cuisines that are the perfect combination for a good night. Altrincham bars and restaurants are well looked after and have the highest standards of health and safety and taste you could ask for from a restaurant. In Altrincham you can find many hidden gems such as Italian restaurants, Tapas, Indian cuisine and many more different styles of food that will suit your taste buds as well as your budget.

You can also find a list of Altrincham Restaurants in our directory as many restaurant owners are adding them selves to our directory so you can browse easily through the restaurants available and see reviews.

Altrincham Food Markets

As well as great venues for prepared food Altrincham and Trafford also have many food events and markets, including the regular Altrincham Farmers Market that is on every first Friday of the month.

Altrincham has good links to local farmers and food manufacturers and often holds annual and monthly events to showcase local produce and delicacies from around the region. We aim to keep you updated with all the local events and markets so you can get to sample them for yourself.