Public Transport in Altrincham

public transport altrincham


Altrincham is a really accessible town thanks to the great public transport facilities. The Metro station in Altrincham is just a few 100m away from the town centre, and has regular services that provide routes to all the surrounding areas.

Tramstram line map

For most people living in the local areas, the best way to get to Altrincham is via the tram line. Manchester City Centre is just a short Journey away via tram, and there are also lines to Stretford and Salford Quays. As you can see from the map, there are also some planned routes as a future development. Additionally, you can get the shuttle bus to locations such as The Trafford Centre which are included as part of the tram ticket.


If you live in the surrounding area, but you don’t live near a tram line, then there are plenty of buses running regular services. The bus station is situate right outside the Metro station.


If you’re coming to Altrincham from anywhere else in the UK, then the train would be the best option for public transport. There are direct lines to Altrincham from many of the major nearby train stations, with the most popular being Manchester Picadilly.


There is also a busy “Hackney Cab” ┬átaxi rank right outside the Metro, so there is always something available.